Social Media Marketing Trends

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Oct 11, 2017

Social media continues to evolve on a day-to-day basis and the trends of yesterday are no longer the trends of today. In order to keep up with the changes it’s important to monitor everything that’s happening on a regular basis with the different social media platforms in order to see maximum results from your marketing efforts. Here are some of the social trends that are taking place right now:

Mobile marketing – This is by far the biggest trend that businesses need to monitor in order to see success. Your social marketing should take into account the fact that more and more potential customers are going to be seeing your ads and posts while they are on-the-go from their mobile devices. Shorter posts and ads will give you more leverage over lengthier material that busy people simply don’t have time to read.

Videos – It’s estimated that Snapchat users are watching approximately 10 billion videos per day while Periscope users are viewing about 21 million minutes of footage per day. Videos are the perfect way to connect with busy people that want to learn more about what you have to offer but don’t have the time to read through a lot of text.

Honesty and integrity – This is a long-lasting marketing trend that has been around ever since social networking first began. Customers value a brand that is open and honest in its communication across the media platforms. Trying to make instant sales through a lot of hype on a social site will only damage your company’s reputation. In order to compete successfully you’ll need to build up the confidence of your targeted market by showing them that you really care about their concerns and interests while at the same time letting them know about your product in a sincere way.

Communication – Many social media sites are evolving in terms of communication experiences and some platforms provide customer service options. Facebook is currently exploring communication means that are more professional. As the social networks continue to change, expect to see a lot more diversity in communication methods offered by the various social networks.

Refining ad placement – There are more and more social media networks that are trying to emerge on the scene and it’s impossible for businesses to access all of them. The trend emerging right now is to refine the amount of attention put on different sites based on how well each one is performing. While one niche will captivate users on Facebook, another will find that Twitter or another social site provides better engagement.

These are just a few of the social marketing trends that are happening right now. Find out more about other trends that may affect your specific type of business by contacting Qode Social today at (416) 226-0563. You can also visit our website at to find out more about the social media management services we provide.