Black Lives Matter. 

Not just today, but every single day. 

We stand in solidarity with those advocating for racial justice and aim to be part of the change by taking action. We are making a promise to stand up and speak out against racism for the long term. Here’s how we are doing it. 

  • Continuing to improve diversity and inclusion within Qode Social.
  • We are committed to reviewing internal hiring practices to make our agency a more welcoming place to work for. 
  • We are developing a long-term content strategy to ensure a more inclusive and diverse online presence by amplifying Black voices through partnering with more Black-owned businesses, photographers, influencers and creators. 
  • Donating to bail out funds, foundations, etc. 
  • We strive to continue to share Black businesses in our industry and encourage our followers to support them.

We know that change won’t come overnight, but we have the responsibility to make an accountable commitment to the spaces where we have influence. When the hashtags stop trending, the commitment to amplify black voices can’t end.

Qode Social is founded on the mission to be an inclusive, welcoming and diverse agency. We support you, and stand with you.

We are responsible for using our platform to amplify the voices of the Black community. We promise to listen, educate ourselves, and speak up. 

If you are looking for ways to become a better ally, please see the resources below: 

Justice for Breonna Taylor:

Justice for George Floyd:

Black Lives Matter:


A brief history of systemic racism:

Documentaries on anti-racism:

Non-Optical Guide to Allyship:

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