Tag your Products on Facebook

by qodemedia

Apr 19, 2017

The time has come to introduce another incredibly useful feature to your business’s Facebook page. Get ready to set up your shop, tag your products in your posts and track the results!

If you schedule all of your posts manually, you have the ability to tag the mentioned products as you go. If you use a scheduling app like Buffer or Hootsuite, have no fear- you can revisit your scheduled posts and tag the products! Wondering how to go through and tag products in your posts? Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

The process to tag your products in either your photo or video posts is quite simple. The only catch here, is that you must have the products listed in your “shop” before tagging them in your posts.

Step One: Open the post, and hover your cursor over the post.
Step Two: Click on the “Tag Products” Icon.
Step Three: Click the product you want to Tag.
Step Four: Choose the full name of the product you want to tag.
Step Five: Click “Done Tagging”

And voila, you’re done! Now your posts will have a link back to the products you have listed on your Facebook page and website.

To find out more about this new feature and other social media features and functions please visit qodesocial.com or call us today at 416-226-0563. Qode Social is proud to be Toronto’s social media marketing management team.