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Social Media is an integral part of branding and online presence. When advertising your brand on social media you want to make sure that everything is top quality; images, graphics and any visuals. Unfortunately, each social media feed is best optimized for different dimensions and sizes; a photo that looks good on Facebook won’t necessarily look good on Instagram (and vice versa). Below is the 2016 Qode Social media marketing guide to social media image optimization.


Facebook Image Sizes 2016

Facebook cover photo dimensions: 851 pixels x 315 pixels. Always save as a png to keep crisp edges on text. Save for web to reduce load time, be aware of the overlap from the cover photo.
Facebook profile photo image dimensions: 180 pixels x 180 pixels
Facebook link image size: 1200 pixels x 627 pixels
Facebook shared image size: 1200 pixels by 900 pixels


Twitter Image Sizes 2016

Twitter banner size: 1500 pixels x 500 pixels
Twitter profile photo image size: 180 pixels x 180 pixels
Twitter shared image size: 506 pixels by x 506 pixels



Google Plus Image Sizes 2016

Google plus cover photo size: 1080 pixels x 608 pixels
Google plus profile photo image size: 250 pixels x 250 pixels
Google plus shared image size: 497 pixels by 373 pixels


Linkedin Image Sizes 2016

Linkedin Profile background image size: Minimum 1000 pixels x 425 pixels, maximum size 4000 pixels x 4000 pixels.
If you choose to make your image 4000px by 4000px, save to web with a lower quality to reduce load time.
Linkedin profile photo size: 100 pixels x 60 pixels
Linkedin Company logo: 400 pixels x 400 pixels
Linkedin Business Cover Photo size: 646 pixels x 420 pixels
Linkedin Company Career cover photo size: 974 pixels x 300 pixels


Pinterest Image Sizes 2016

Pinterest Profile picture image size: 165 pixels x 165 pixels
Pinterest Pins in the feed sizes: 236 pixels x scaled height
Clicked Pinterest pins size: Minimum 600 pixels x scaled height
Maximum 735 pixels x scaled height
Pinterest Board thumbnail: 225 pixels x 115 pixels


Instagram Image Sizes 2016

Instagram profile picture image size: 110 pixels x 110 pixels
Instagram square image size: 510 pixels x 510 pixels
Instagram landscape image size: 600 pixels x 450 pixels
Instagram portrait image size: 1080 pixels x 1350 pixels


Youtube Image Sizes 2016

Youtube profile picture image size: 800 pixels x 800 pixels
Youtube channel cover photo size: 2560 pixels x 1440 pixels
Custom Youtube Video Thumbnail: 1280 pixels by 760 pixels

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