The 5 Social Platforms and Strategies You Need to Use for Your Next Event

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Aug 25, 2016

Toronto Social Media Marketing Company

If you’re planning an event, it is very important to promote it in the most effective ways. To make your event stand out, promoting it online is essential in this technology age. Today your campaign must be flashy, get the attention of the right brand ambassadors or influencers, and encourage everyone to be a part of the online narrative. So, how do you do this? Qode Social, an experienced Toronto Social Media Marketing Company, has awesome social networking tips to help your event promotion stand out!



Zuckerberg’s social media behemoth is the largest platform in the world, which makes it the best place to start. Begin by creating an event page and update it with new developments to keep your audience excited. You can even create a targeted marketing campaign to boost your views.



Get on Twitter and blast that creative hashtag into all of your tweets. Creating a memorable campaign is also about creating something unique to your audience. Your hashtag can do just that and target your audience and their followers at the same time. Use the hashtag a few weeks before the event, at the event and after to see the best results!



Create an event Instagram account to document your photos and videos. Use that special hashtag you have been promoting on Twitter on Instagram too. This is an excellent way to give attendees a taste of what is to come if you plan on putting on another event. It’s also a place where you can curate memories for everyone who came letting everyone be a part of that online narrative.



This can can be a perfect avenue to promote your professional event. Like Facebook, you can create a targeted ad campaign based on demographics. Making sure your page keeps you audience well informed is a must. Try using event branded content to encourage your readers and connections to be a part of the event.



New on the social landscape is Google+. A great thing about this platform is that if your event is shared, people can add it to their Google Calendars. They won’t forget your event because they will get a reminder to attend. The platform also offers you the opportunity to invite people via their Gmail account.

It’s not hard to promote your event, you just need to have the insider knowledge on how to do it effectively on social media! Try to engage your audience where they spend most of their time. If you need help navigating the social media stratosphere, give Qode Social a call at 647-951-0763. We know the social media landscape better than an astronaut understands space and our strategies are sure to bring results!