Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a scary virtual place sometimes, especially for the generation who adopted it, instead of growing into it. I’m look at you, Generation x & Baby Boomers. Bringing your business or service online for the first time ever can be a tumultuous experience if you’re not computer savvy. So, what’s the most important social media marketing tip that you should know? Don’t purchase Facebook likes – under no circumstances, even if you only have a whopping 2 likes on Facebook. Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. If it takes you 3 years to grow a substantial following, then so be it. If you just created a Facebook page, invite all of your personal contacts to like your page. If you don’t have a personal Facebook page, don’t sweat it! Add a “like us on Facebook” to your flyers, menus, or receipts. With some regular interaction, you will grow an audience. Not sure how to do that? Give us a call – we can help you out for sure.

Qode Social’s Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Facebook Likes:

1. Purchased Facebook likes alienate your actual fans
Customers know how to spot inauthenticity a mile away – especially on social media. If a page has 1,211 Facebook likes, but zero interaction on any of their daily posts for more than a month – it’s pretty safe to say that their likes have been purchased. Especially if the only interaction otherwise is that page liking their own posts (sigh, don’t do this). It’s okay to start out small – 100 real followers are 20x better for you than 1,200 fake ones. Pro-tip: If you’re considering to hire a social media company, do your homework. Are their likes purchased? Don’t trust your business with other social media marketing companies who use spammy short-cuts. Your clients won’t trust a business that use spammy short-cuts either.

2. Targeted ad campaigns become useless
If you choose to use Facebook advertising down the road, which you definitely should consider, your results will be severely skewed. This makes it very difficult when you are trying to advertise a contest or sale – once Facebook likes have been purchased, they cannot be removed. Plan ahead.

3. It’s a waste of money
You should aim to connect people, not collect fans. When you are purchasing likes, what exactly are you receiving? An inflated number, and nothing more. If any of these spam-bots do comment or interact with your page, you don’t know if they are based in your desired location, they may not speak your language, and they likely are going to post low quality content. If Facebook deems the quality of your page too low, they can actually delete it. Save your money, and invest it into a targeted Facebook Ad campaign instead. We can do that for you.

Aim to grow your business, not fake it. Let our social media experts at Qode Social show you how. For more tips and trends, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr – well you get the idea.