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Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2016

by qodemedia

Jan 18, 2016

Toronto Social Media Marketing

Social media has recently begun to form it’s identity in the scheme of the Internet – it’s a very new form of communication that is rapidly evolving. You could say that MSN in all it’s archaic splendor was the godfather of social media – instant connection that’s sole purpose was recreational. Of course there were chat rooms and forums that preceded that – but having an identity wasn’t super critical, and having your own identity was completely out of the question.

New age social media is an extension of the self, and that means it’s a complete game-changer for businesses. Not only do you need to have great PR in-store, you need to be consistently showing customers that you’re present, and that you’re relevant. Understanding social media is the first step towards managing it, and we’re here to help.



Here are Qode Social’s forecasted Top 3 Social Media Trends for 2016:


#1. Mobile is in, web is out
According to Google Adwords, mobile searches actually surpassed web searches in 2015. This means that we need to optimize for smaller screens, and handheld motions instead of clicks. Social media has led this move, with apps that are more convenient on mobile than web, even going as far as omitting web-friendly formats entirely, like Instagram. So what’s the trend? Mobile will continue to grow as the leading medium that consumers use to access your info, and depending on your industry, having a social media presence may be more important than your website. Your social media accounts will be especially important if you do not have a mobile friendly website.


#2. Instagram is taking over
Instagram completely skyrocketed in popularity in 2015, and recently hit 400 million users. For reference, Twitter is currently at 316 million users. According to Instagram’s blog, there are more than 80 million photos shared every day. Why is it so popular? It’s extremely difficult for businesses to advertise on this medium, so users have a much better experience. It feels like one of the only social media platforms left that really caters to it’s users (and not advertisers), so it’s stayed very cool to it’s audience. If you’re not apart of this movement, you need to get on it today, but remember – don’t overload with ads. Stay cool. More below.


#3. Visual is a ritual – not optional
The major change that is affected by the mobile/web change, is context. Instead of delegating time to sit down and surf the web, users are perpetually connected. This means that they are being forced to sift through even more ads and text to get to content that is engaging, visually appealing, cool, or funny. If you thought the attention span of your demographic was short before, well, welcome to 2016. If you want to cultivate a following around your brand, you need to be visual. Not occasionally – consistently visual.


There you have it! Chat with our Toronto Social Media Marketing Experts at Qode Social to find a plan that works for your business. We can analyze your social media platforms and discuss their compatibility for mobile, set you up on Instagram, and create/coach you on some visually stunning graphics. It’s 2016: Time to sink or swim.