It’s here! We’ve assembled some of the best meme-worthy and Toronto-centric halloween costume ideas for 2018. Tag us in your insta photos if you give any of these costumes a shot!


1. The D.A.R.E Lion

Yes, you heard that right. With the legalization of cannabis on Oct 17th, there’s no better time to whip out that Drug Resistance Education Awareness T-shirt you earned at your D.A.R.E graduation.
Paired with a lion tail, mane, and some legal maryjane, your costume is sure to be award-winning.
Toronto Halloween Costume Ideas 2018 the D.A.R.E LION

2. The TTC

Dress up as the and show up to the party on Nov 1st. Apologize for the delay. Photo from reddit.

Toronto Costume Ideas 2018

3. Naked Ripley’s Guy

Get buck naked and dress up as . Strategically place a swordfish where you need it the most.

4. Yayoi Kusama

Red wig, polka dots, and you’re done. Bring polka dot stickers with you everywhere.

5. Crane Girl

Bring a toy crane around with you. climb things. calmly refuse to get down.

6. #KIKIChallenge

Bring a cardboard cut out of a car door with you. find a treadmill. Do the

7. The Duck (You know the one)