Turn Your Fruit Into Booze?!

by Qode Social Social Media Management Toronto

Feb 02, 2017

You read that correctly there is now a device that turns your fruit into homemade wine or cider.

Alchema is a new fermentation system that turns your fruit into cider – at home. The first of it’s kind it lets you create pre-designed recipes – or make your own! All through your smartphone.

The device is connected to an app that will show you correct measurements, brewing time and alert you when your cider is finished!

Perfect for parties or just to treat yourself this at home technology lets anyone be a brewmaster. Create one of a kind drinks in the comfort of your kitchen. It can hold up to three bottles of wine worth of alcohol – so you and your friends will be prepared for #winewednesdays. Or you know, just yourself. Whatever floats your boat.

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