Twitter Breaks Character (Limits)

by qodemedia

May 26, 2016

social media marketing Toronto

We are all familiar with the predicament of drafting a tweet with a photo or link, and as soon as you attach the photo or link, your character limit is drastically reduced. This usually results in the frustrating task of whittling down the clever text you have accompanying the attached media, and cursing Twitter for imposing such restrictions. If you’ve ever been in that position (and we’ve all been there) there’s good news for you- on Tuesday May 24, Twitter announced some big updates that will save you a lot of text whittling and cursing.

In the coming months, the 10 year old company will roll out changes that affect what “uses up” valuable character space in a tweet. Media attachments such as photos, GIFs, and videos, and “@name” replies will no longer count toward your 140-character limit.  Twitter’s character limit is one thing that makes it stand out as a social media platform, so news of altering this limit comes as a welcome surprise.

Another change coming to Twitter will be a simplified way for a user to retweet or quote their own tweets, using a new button feature. This would apply to anyone hoping to reach a broader audience for that tweet that didn’t see much action earlier in the day, or for someone wishing to add additional commentary to the original tweet.

If you’re a Twitter user that utilizes the “.@” convention to broadcast a user-directed tweet, you can tweet those days goodbye. Twitter will be updating to accommodate this widely used reply convention, so now any time your tweets begin with a username, they will be broadcasted to all of your followers, without adding the “.” before their handle.

Twitter is taking baby steps towards changing how their users tweet, and to improve the Twitter experience. But if these changes are flying right over your head, don’t worry- we can help! Qode Social is Toronto’s leading social media marketing agency, and our expert social media consultants can get your business noticed on major social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and yes, Twitter! To get started, contact us today by calling us at 647-951-0763, or fill out our handy online form.