Using Snapchat for your Business

by qodemedia

Mar 11, 2016


Social Media Marketing Toronto

Social media marketing is a great way to digitally expand your business and bring awareness to your brand and products. Most people use the “big three” (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as a way to build their online following, but what about the less obvious social media networks? Can you use them for business?  You sure can! At Qode Social, one of the top leading Social Media Marketing companies in Toronto, we never limit your online profiles to the obvious choices, but rather to the choices that work for your brand; and recently Snapchat has become a great way to create brand engagement.


What is Snapchat?


Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send short videos or pictures that are only available for a limited time; once you look at the picture or video it disappears forever. There are also Snapchat Stories, a series of snaps that form a narrative all users can see for 24 hours.  Although the app is limiting to mobile, mobile social media apps are constantly growing and are starting to surpass desktop apps. In 2015, Instagram hit over 400 million subscribers, passing twitter with only 316 million; Instagram is also a mobile only application.


Why Snapchat?


Since Snapchat content is generally real-time, it gives you the opportunity to share live events with followers as they are happening.  If something interesting is happening at your business or with a product, you’re able to share that with fans immediately. You can also take your followers behind the scenes by showing production or sneak peaks of products. Snapchat content is generally more private; you can target specific people and it will all be deleted within 24 hours. This is great for content that is very specific, as it won’t clutter up your timeline like other social media channels.


Snapchat is also a perfect way to implement a contest, perks or promotions. It allows for two-way communication between a brand and a consumer, making users much more likely to engage. You can offer a discount or perk once your whole Snapchat story is watched or if your followers send you a picture with one of your products!
Snapchat has become another great way to interact online. At Qode Social we make sure your brand is getting the best online exposure it can get! Give us a call at 647-951-0763 to get started today.