Toronto social media marketing company


Social media is a great way to market your business and your brand. Being consistently active on all social mediums is a great way to grow your audience. However, your social media followers don’t want to be bombarded with constant advertising; creating fan engagement and letting your audience market your brand is a great way to maximize your social media presence without overloading your audience with ads.

Encourage Engagement
A great way to get your audience to connect with your brand is to encourage engagement. Instead of just posting a photo of your product, asks fans to send in photos of them with your products. Using a specific brand-related hashtag is a great way to keep track of all your responses. A great example of this was Coca Cola having the branded bottles; they encouraged people to take photos when they found their name on a bottle and share it.

Create Opportunities
One of the greatest resources for encouraging fans to engage is Snapchat. Using Snapchat to interact with your audience makes your brand feel personable and best of all, it doesn’t feel like marketing! Snapchat users send hundreds of snaps lately that talking about/showing your product for a few seconds doesn’t make it look like you’re marketing, when in fact you really are. The introduction of Snapchat filters has allowed brands to create a fun way to encourage followers to market their brand. A great Snapchat filter will be shared in a Snap story seen by everyone; ideally marketing your brand to hundreds of potential clients with a simple filter.

The tactic you use to approach your social media can make or break a marketing campaign. Our Qode Social team is experienced when it comes to creating the best possible social strategy for your brand. Our packages offer very specific and tailored campaigns that are effective and optimized for interaction; that’s why we’re the best social media marketing company in Toronto! To get started or inquire about or social media services, contact Qode Social online or give us a call at 647-951-0763.