It can be difficult to decide which social media websites would give you the best bang for your buck according to your specific business. In order to make an informed decision, it’s important to look at the numbers. Statistics say a thousand words and provide you with actionable insights that you can use for your marketing strategies. Here are some of the most important statistics that you can use to your benefit right away:

42% of the Population Worldwide Is Using Social Media

This is an important figure to keep in mind if you have ever had any doubts about advertising and marketing on a social media website. With 42% of the world going to these sites, you can be certain that you’ll find customers there.

11 People Turn to Social Media Every Second for the First Time

Social sites are not getting old, they are getting better and evolving every year. This is the place where you can find fresh new faces every day that may want to buy your product.

70% of the Time That Users Spend on Social Sites Is from a Mobile App

Is your website mobile-friendly? Does it load quickly? You must ensure that your site is ready to receive visitors that arrive on it from a social media website. Most users are looking at their social networks from a mobile device and are spending approximately 7x longer on the sites than those using a desktop. Make sure that you are ready to receive mobile users on your business website when you are advertising or marketing on social media.

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