We Visited Toronto’s Newest Golf Club!

by Claude Dee Laguerre

Jul 31, 2019

Toronto’s newest mini-putt bar is here, and this is NOT your 2001 Putting Edge experience.

Picking between 9, 18 or 24 holes, you can select between a variety of different pop culture related holes at Par-Tee Putt Toronto. Between putting in front of the “CN Tower”, hacking away in front of the Iron Throne, or showing off your beer pong technique, there’s something for everyone.

We really liked the Twister hole (super creepy) and found the balancing maze to be really challenging.
The cons? Definitely a lack of seating, and you can’t order food and putt with it. We took a team of 9 here and we’re all thumbs up here.

Would you go here?