Project Water, a not-for-profit initiative founded by Jody Steinhauer, has rapidly become a force in the city of Toronto, generously committing to distributing clean drinking water to the less fortunate every summer. The organization, which has been putting together the event since 1999, has since then distributed more than three million free water bottles to the Toronto homeless.

After volunteering with Project Water, we quickly learned that water bottles truly could save many lives. Hundreds of homeless people in the Greater Toronto Area go without having access to safe drinking water, a fundamental need for the human body. This sad reality has led to many deaths, during the excruciatingly hot summer months or periods of heat waves.

Overall, the experience was a wonderful and memorable one. We are so grateful to have been presented this opportunity to make a positive change and impact the lives of many in our own community. We were able to put together kits, pack water bottles and write positive notes for others. We were also thoroughly impressed with everyone from Engage and Change, the initiative’s founding organization, and would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a local philanthropy experience. We cannot praise the staff enough for their patience, generosity and fun-loving spirit.

For more information about how you can get involved, please contact:

Sue Mercer

Event Manager

Engage & Change