Introducing New Branded Content Ads for Instagram Users

Instagram made an announcement on June 4 that users and advertisers would be able to use this social networking platform to promote branded posts with content in the form of feed ads. The representatives for Instagram understand that branded content is an ecosystem that has been evolving and the time has come to allow branded posts to become a part of a company’s overall advertising strategy.

Welcome to Branded Content Advertising on Instagram

With approximately 68% of users saying that they come to this social media website to have interactions with creators, the new branded ads will allow businesses to interact with the audiences through the voices of creators.

Targeted audiences can be reached using the same tools found on the platform for Facebook Ads. These ads can be measured, tested and optimized according to specific advertising goals in order to streamline marketing campaigns. The ads that appear in the stories and in the feeds will say “Paid Partnership With” and the brand name, in order to maintain the integrity of the social site through advertising transparency.

How to Create Branded Content Ads

In order to put these ads together the creator must first give business partners the right to promote posts as ads, which can be done in the advanced settings. After this, the manager can look at the existing posts to see the relevant post and then can either decide to run it in a stories format or in a feed format.

In the upcoming weeks all advertisers will have access to branded content ads in the feed format and in the upcoming months the ability to advertise as stories will be available. This is just the tip of the iceberg and more branded content features are expected to turn up on the horizon as the social site continues to evolve. As a result, this will create more value for creators, people and businesses.