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If you’re not familiar with bots, here’s a brief explanation of them. They are algorithms that operate on social media networks and can appear to be a real user. Some are simple while others are quite complex.

These bots can create a lot of chaos on social networking sites. To a real user, they can appear to be very real. They can be built using freeware and may hold a conversation with you or another person while pretending to be a real human. It’s estimated that 30% of the people on social media sites can be easily deceived by these bots. Anytime you accept an offer to friend somebody you may be allowing a bot to compromise your social media channel.

An Example

A bot can encourage you and your friends to use a specific product and once he has gained your trust you may decide to try this product out for yourself. You think that this bot is real and that he is offering helpful advice. Actually, he is a bot that has been programmed for a specific purpose.

It’s estimated that 7% of the tweets coming from Twitter are being made with a spam bot. You may even have one following you right now! To see examples of these bots take a look at the list appear in on statuspeople’s twitter account. You can access it at “@statuspeople”. This list was put together to spot Twitter followers that are fake and 99.9% of them are not real. You’ll be surprised, though, to see how real they appear.

What Social Media Bots Can Do

Social media bots can create a lot of mischief. They send out spam and often to try to persuade you to buy something or trick you into sharing your password or personal details. A specific content piece, for example, may have tons of bots that appear to be reading it, liking it and engaging on the topic. This content would start trending simply on the amount of action surrounding it. As well, bots can limit free speech by spamming a stream with a lot of tweets in order to push important messages down on the page.

Although many marketers use bots on social media, using bots can have a negative impact on your business. Your customers will easily notice that you are using bots if your responses and interactions look to be automated or inauthentic. Qode Social can help you organically build a following and genuinely interacting with your customers on social media. Contacting us at 647-951-0763 or send us an email to learn more about what Qode Social can do for your business.