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First off – what is the Facebook Pixel? The Facebook Pixel is a code that you put on your website to collect all sorts of data from your visitors (based on their Facebook profile) that can help you grow your business. While it may seem scary or overwhelming to think about, let’s break down why it’s so important.

Track Conversion

Facebook Pixels can help you gain insight into how often people are visiting your websites, pages or even subscribing to your newsletter.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization helps skip all of the testing and monitoring who takes desired actions and pushes your content to those who will.

Custom Audiences

So now you have all this data. Why not create a custom audience? The Facebook Pixel allows you to create custom audiences for customers already perusing your website, and target them based on particular actions they have taken, including viewing content, making a purchase, or even abandoning a cart.

Lookalike Audiences

After creating a custom audience, you now have a strong handle on your visitors and customers – but growing your audience is also part of the game. Facebook will create what is known as a “Lookalike Audience”, which takes all of the information that your pixel has collected, finds similarities between users, and use it to make a bigger and wider spread audience similar to your already existing audience.

Audience Insights

While the Facebook Pixel may seem like an overwhelming mix of code and marketing strategies, customer insight is always important for any business owner large or small. Learning who your customers are can help you streamline the shopping process.

While the Pixel is still in its infancy, it is helping change the game on how accurately you can identify and target an audience. It’s here to stay and in this sink-or-swim social media world, it is incredibly important to adopt to your business. To learn more about Facebook Pixels and how to leverage your visitor data on Facebook, visit our website at As leading experts in the Facebook paid advertising and other paid social media strategies, we can help your business connect with your target audience efficiently.