Why Your Business Needs a Blog

by qodemedia

Apr 07, 2016

Social Media Marketing Toronto Having an online presence is necessary for most businesses. Your online presence can be a driving force for marketing and sales, by targeting potential clients who may not have been reached otherwise. Having social media accounts for your business, and keeping these profiles consistent and updated is definitely a priority, but there’s another way to promote your business online that’s often overlooked: blogging. Blogging is an extremely useful way to promote your business online. In fact, Qode Social offers blog services in our Gold and Premium packages– that’s how important it is!

Blogging is a simple way to connect with current and potential customers. It’s very easy to use and easy to integrate into your website; many websites are already created around WordPress, which is the largest blog and content management system. Blogs are less limiting than a 140-character tweet or a Facebook post. You’re able to write large amounts of content on a blog, which opens up a lot of different ways to advertise your business; you can start a discussion with readers, write a review or upcoming product feature, talk about industry trends, or post important news updates. This will create a more personal relationship between your brand and your customers, letting your brand’s personality shine while giving your company a new marketing outlet.

Blogs are also strategically important when it comes to SEO because posting quality content will greatly benefit your page’s SEO ranking. A blog gives you a lot of control over specific but important SEO strategies: inner linking, keywords, more indexed pages, but most importantly, content. Having a blog that is regularly updated is very important for SEO purposes, because Google favours sites that regularly introduce new content.
If you’re looking at implementing a blog or social media services for your business, contact Qode Social online or give us a call at 647-951-0763. Qode Social is the leading Toronto social media marketing service, maintaining and growing your online presence while curating the perfect social media strategy just for you.