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Big news once again in the realm of social media- Instagram has become the latest platform to make major updates to your feed. In an announcement made on March 15th, Instagram will adopt a relevancy-optimized feed, replacing the current chronological ordering of posts.

According to Instagram, the algorithm will now order the posts in your feed based on “the likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post.” Basically, if your favourite celebrity posts a photo that blows up, you will see that in the top of your feed regardless of the time it was posted. Or, if your best friend posts a picture of their sushi at 8 pm, you could see it in the top of your feed at 9 am the next morning.

This update follows the changes introduced by Facebook, and most recently Twitter, which influence your feed based on algorithms ordering content depending on its relevancy to you. This Instagram update is a total plus for those who aren’t checking the app 15 times a day, because you won’t miss out on the big content. However, some posts that are deemed irrelevant or boring may be shut out of your feed, whether you like it or not. Strategically, eliminating this lackluster content may help keep users engaged and reduce the risk of a dull post pushing a user to close the app and move on.

Following the last big update of adding multiple accounts on your Instagram, this algorithmically sorted feed will be rolled out slowly, dipping users’ toes into the waters of change. In the near future, your content will have to be on it’s A game if you want to get users’ attention. Luckily you have Qode Social, Toronto’s social media marketing gurus, on your side and we know our stuff! And hey, check us out on Instagram for all our latest and greatest updates.